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Five Cities And Five Things To Do In Italy

It’s back to Italy to take a look at five more top ranked attractions. I will take you to five different cities. You might want to explore each of those cities a little more. Call it backpacking across Italy, and just imagine how cultured you will be when your vacation comes to an end. Let’s start you off on the right foot by looking at these top five places to visit in Italy.

St Peter’s Basilica is located in Vatican City. Vatican City is definitely a city that people from all over often like to visit when they come to Italy. Saint Peter’s Basilica is a beautiful church.

What really surprised me was that you have to follow the dress code to get inside. However, the dress code doesn’t seem to be as strict as you might think. You will see a long line, but people say that it moves quickly.

The Piazza del Campo is a place of interest in Siena, and for starters, you can get your hands on some Italian gelato there. People watching is mentioned in the reviews, and it is said that this is the place where a horse race takes place twice a year. You can also enjoy some wine there and take it easy.

It sounds like a great place to visit and spend a romantic afternoon or evening with your partner, as much as Florence.

Basilica San Vitale is in Ravenna, and you can check out Byzantine mosaics there. The walls are also covered in marble. The entire place is said to really be something to see, each of its features and points of interest very unique and interesting. Reviews say that this historic church is very well preserved.

La Citta Alta is a place of interest in Bergamo, Italy. This is another one of those older historic districts, a medieval town, with narrow streets, bars and restaurants, small shops and more. To get there, you can take the funicular railway. One other thing that the reviews mention about this place of interest is to make sure you get to check out the amazing views.

Let’s Mura di Lucca is in Lucca, and you are talking about an ancient walled city that is fun to see in person. People talk about walking and bike riding in the area. Check out the fortified walls, and think about what it might have been like back then when these buildings were in use. This is the #1 attraction in this city, and you will understand why when you get there and see it in person.

You have been told about places to visit in five different cities in Italy. The cities are Lucca, Vatican City, Siena, Ravenna and Bergamo. If you were to get to all five of those cities while visiting Italy, that would be fascinating. You will just have to make out your itinerary and see what all you can handle. There is quite a lot to see in these cities and at these top five places of interest in Italy.

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